Dr. Li, Weizhong 

College of Forestry,    Northwest A& F University Yangling, Shanxi, PRC 712100

E-mail: wzhli6465@163.com or weizhong_li@hotmail.com

Tel: +86(029) 87032259(H), 86-(029) 87082311(O)


        Ph. D. Agr. Sc (Forest management), Beijing Forestry University 1999 – 2003

        M. Agr. Sc (Forest management), Northwest College of Forestry 1989-1992

        B. Agr. Sc (Forestry), Northwest College of Forestry 1981 – 1985

        Visiting Senior Research Scientist, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, University of Helsinki, 2001 – 2002


 Research Interest

Sustainable forest management;

Forest eco-system service and evaluation;

The application of RS, GIS, and GPS technology in forest resources and environment monitoring.

Selected Publication

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