Jianfeng Sun 


Institut des sciences de l’environnement

Universite du Quebec a Montreal


Phone:(514)987-3000 ext. 3041

Email: jianfeng_sun@yahoo.ca


M.S., Concordia University, Canada, 2004

(Forest Ecology)


M.S., Northeast Forestry University, China, 2000

(Forest management)


B.S., Beijing Forestry University, China, 1992



 Research Interest

Ecological modeling and simulation

Forest management

Climate change

Disturbance (natural and artificial)

Remote sensing application


Selected Publication

Journal Papers

1. Li, C.S., J.F. Sun, Z.H. Wu and F. Houllier. 1997. Application of theoretical growth functions for Mongolian oak. Journal of Forestry Research. 8: 195-200.

2. Li, C.S., J.F. Sun, Y.F. Xu, F. Colin and F. Houllier. 1998. Crown morphology of     Norway spruce from usual tree measurements. Journal of Forestry Research. 9: 8-12.

3. Ma, C.H., L.Q. Mu, Z.L. Yao, P. Liu and J.F. Sun. 1999. Biomass and net productivity for spruce plantation. . Journal of Forestry Research. 10: 45-47.

Conference Poster

Sun, J.F., C.H., Peng, H., McCaughey, X.L., Zhou, D. Hua and B. St-Onge.2005.    Modelling the net ecosystem exchange of boreal forest using artificial neural network. 2005. Fluxnet-Canada annual general meeting.


Sun, J.F. 2004. Post fire regeneration and population dynamics of white spruce and aspen in northern boreal forest in Alberta. Master thesis. Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

Sun, J.F. 2000. Forest sustainable development model in northeast region. Master thesis. Northeast Forestry University, Harbin, P.R. China.

Sun, J.F. 1992. The comprehensive exploitation and management of sand soil in Beijing. Bachelor thesis. Beijing Forestry University, Beijing, P.R. China.