Epule Terence Epule (PhD Fellow)


 University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), Institute of Environmental Sciences, Case Postal 8888, Centre-Ville de Succ, Montr└al (QC) H3C 3P8

SB- 1915 Ecological Modelling and Carbon Science Lab

Telephone: 514-987-3000 extension 3041, Fax: 514-987-4718

Email: epule.terence_epule@courrier.uqam.ca




Home Address:

 9205 Rue Bayne, Apt 206, H8R 2H1

Lasalle, Qu└bec, Canada.

Phone: 438-887-9361



Professor Changhui Peng, Canada Research Chair in Ecological Modelling

Thesis Committee Members:

 Professor Laurent Lepage (UQAM)

 Professor Zhi Chen (Concordia University)















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PhD Project


Modeling the causes and effects of forest loss in Cameroon: population vulnerability, response, simulations with statistical models.





Conference Presentations/ Lectures           






      Epule, T.E., 2006. Cameroons poverty Alleviation Train: Short of fuel. The Entrepreneur Journal vol 1, No 11 2006.


      Epule, T.E., Changhui, P., 2011. Rainfall dilemma for cereal production in the Sudano-Sahel of Cameroon. Paper accepted in Journal of Agricultural Science (CCSE), to be Published in 4, (1), Feb 2012. In Press.


      Epule, T.E., Changhui, P., 2011. Forest loss triggers in Cameroon. A Multiple Linear regression approach. Journal of Geography and Geology. Submitted.


      Epule, T.E., Changhui, P., Moto, W.M., Ndiva, M, M., 2011.Well water quality and the occurrence of diarrheal disease cholera in four neighbourhoods of the City of Douala Cameroon. Global journal of Health Science. Submitted.



Conference Proceedings




      Epule, T. E., 2009. Microbiological indicators of well water pollution and probability of Cholera outbreaks and other Diseases. The case of some neighbourhoods in the city of Douala Cameroon. In The Journal of Solid Waste Technology and Management. ISSN 1091-8043, Widener University, Philadelphia, USA. Final Proceedings.



      Epule, T. E., 2006. Spatial Distribution of wells and the occurrence of Cholera in Douala Cameroon. The case of some neighbourhoods in the city of Douala Cameroon, Near East University Nicosia Cyprus. Final Proceedings the Environment Survival and Sustainability conference of 2006.




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