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ECO-MCS Journal Club:

(1) Search Engines

    SCI Journal and Impact Factor (http://admin-apps.isiknowledge.com/JCR/JCR?SID=3FhFhkk6agl9haO8f4h)

Web of Science 


   Scholar.google (http://scholar.google.com)

    Map.google (http://maps.google.com)

    TreeSearch (http://www.treesearch.fs.fed.us/)


(2) Open online Journal

     EGU  (http://www.egu.eu/publications/online-open-access-journals.html)

     BENTHAM (http://bentham.org/open/a-z.htm)

     DOAJ (http://www.doaj.org/doaj?func=findJournals)

     PLOS (http://www.plos.org/journals/index.php)

     RLE   (http://www.hindawi.com/journals/)

     IOP-ERL (http://www.iop.org/EJ/journal/erl)

     CBM (http://www.cbmjournal.com/)

     UZPI  (http://journals.uzpi.cz:8050/web/index.html)


(3) Online Journals at UQAM


        Nature (http://www.nature.com/index.html)

        Science (http://www.sciencemag.org)

        Trends in ecology & evolution

Global Change Sciences:

        Global change biology

        Global Biogeochemical Cycles (www.agu.org - AGU Website)

        Global ecology and biogeography (Blackwell Synergy)

        Global and planetary change

        Global change & human health (Online).

        Global environmental change


        Agricultural and forest meteorology

        Biogeochemistry (Dordrecht:Online)

         Tellus. Series A. Dynamic meteorology and oceanography

         Tellus. Series B. Chemical and physical meteorology

        Climatic change (Online)

        Climate Dynamics

        Climate policy

        Mitigation and adaptation strategies for global change (Online)


        Advances in water resources

        Biomass and bioenergy


        Ecology (Brooklin, N.Y.)

        Ecology (JSTOR)

        Ecological monographs

        Ecological Monographs (JSTOR)

        Ecological research (SpringerLink)

        Ecological complexity (ScienceDirect)

        Ecological economics

        Ecological engineering

        Ecological indicators

        Ecological management & restoration

        Ecological research

        Ecology letters

        Applied soil ecology

        Journal of ecology (Blackwell Synergy)

        Functional ecology (Blackwell Synergy)

        Plant and soil (Online)

        Plant ecology (Dordrecht : Online)



        Forest ecology and management

        Journal of Plant Ecology (www.plant-ecology.com) (in China)


        Ecological modelling

        Environmental modelling & software

        Forest Biometry, Modelling and Information Sciences (http://www.fbmis.info)

        Natural Resource Modeling 

Forest Sciences:

        Forest science

        Canadian journal of forest research (EBSCOhost)

        European journal of forest research (SpringerLink)

        Forestry (Londres, Angleterre) (Ingenta Connect)

        Forestry (Londres, Angleterre) (Oxford journals)

        Forestry chronicle

        Silva Fennica

        Scandinavian journal of forest research (Ingenta Connect)

        Scandinavian journal of forest research (Taylor & Francis)

        Annals of forest science (EDP Sciences)

        Tree physiology

        Trees - Structure and Function

        Journal of forest research

        Journal of forest economics (ScienceDirect)

        New forests (Online)

        Urban forestry and urban greening (ScienceDirect)

        Agricultural and forest entomology

        Agricultural and forest meteorology

Remote Sensing:

        IEEE geoscience and remote sensing letters

        Remote sensing of environment

        International journal of remote sensing

        International journal of geographical information science  

Environmental Hydrology:  

        Environmental Science and Technology (EST) 

        Science of Total Environment


        Environmental Geochemistry and Health

        Environmental Impact Assessment Review

        Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology

        Environmental International

        Water Research

        Environmental Monitoring and Assessment

        Water, Air and Soil Pollution

        Ecological Engineering

        Water Resources Research

        Journal of Contaminant Hydrology

        Journal of Hydrology

        Hydrological Processes

The R Project for Statistical Computing:  

        R for Beginners

        Simple R

             R for SAS and SPSS users





1 Real World Ecology 

2 Forest Dynamics, Growth and Yield 

3 Principles of Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology

4Terrestrial Biosphere-Atmosphere Fluxes-Cambridge University Press (2014)





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