Selected Publications in Recent Years


Epule, T., Peng, C., Lepage, L., Nguh, S.B., Mafany, N.M., (2012) Can the African food supply model learn from the Asian food supply model? Quantification with statistical methods. Environment, Development and Sustainability,14, 593-610. (PDF)

Ma, Z., Peng, C., Zhu, Q., Chen, H., Yu, G., Li, W., Zhou, X., Wang, W., Zhang, W., (2012). Regional drought-induced reduction in the biomass carbon sink of Canada's boreal forests. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences In press (PDF).

Wang, W., Lei, X., Ma, Z., Kneeshaw, D.D. & Peng, C. (2011) Positive relationship between aboveground carbon stocks and structural diversity in spruce-dominated forest stands in New Brunswick, Canada. Forest Science, 57, 506-515 (PDF).

Peng, C., Ma, Z., Lei, X., Zhu, Q., Chen, H., Wang, W., Liu, S., Li, W., Fang, X. & Zhou, X. (2011) A drought-induced pervasive increase in tree mortality across Canada's boreal forests. Nature Climate Change, 1, 467-471. (PDF).

Song, X., Zhou, G., Jiang, H., Yu, S., Fu, J., Li, W., Wang, W., Ma, Z. & Peng, C. (2011) Carbon sequestration by Chinese bamboo forests and their ecological benefits: assessment of potential, problems, and future challenges. Environmental Reviews, 19, 418-428. (PDF)

Min, Y., Jin, X., Chang, J., Peng, C., Gu, B., Ge, Y. and Zhong, Y., 2011. Weak indirect effects inherent to nitrogen biogeochemical cycling within anthropogenic ecosystems: A network environ analysis. Ecological Modelling, 222(17), 3277-3284. (PDF)

Peng,C. Focus on quality, not just quantity. Nature 475, 267 (2011), doi:10.1038/475267a (PDF).

Geng, Y., Tian, M., Zhu, Q., Zhang, J., Peng, C., 2011. Quantification of provincial-level carbon emissions from energy consumption in China. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 15, 3658-3668. (PDF)

Larocque, G. R., Mailly, D., Yue, T. X., Anand, M., Peng, C., Kazanci, C., Etterson, M., Goethals, P., Jørgensen, S. E., Schramski, J. R., Mcintire, E. J. B., Marceau, D. J., Chen, B., Chen, G. Q., Yang, Z. F., Novotna, B., Luckai, N., Bhatti, J. S., Liu, J., Munson, A., Gordon, A. M. & Ii, J. C. A. (2011) Common challenges for ecological modelling: Synthesis of facilitated discussions held at the symposia organized for the 2009 conference of the International Society for Ecological Modelling in Quebec City, Canada, (October 6-9, 2009). Ecological Modelling, 222, 2456-2468. (PDF)

Chen, H., Zhu, Q., Wu, N., Wang, Y. & Peng, C.-H. (2011) Delayed spring phenology on the Tibetan Plateau may also be attributable to other factors than winter and spring warming. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (PDF)

Peng, C., Guiot, J., Wu, H., Jiang, H. & Luo, Y. (2011) Integrating models with data in ecology and palaeoecology: advances towards a model–data fusion approach. Ecology Letters, 14, 522-536.(PDF)

Wang, W., Peng, C., Zhang, S. Y., Zhou, X., Larocque, G. R., Kneeshaw, D. D. & Lei, X. (2011) Development of TRIPLEX-Management model for simulating the response of forest growth to pre-commercial thinning. Ecological Modelling, 222, 2249-2261. (PDF).

Zhu, Q., Jiang, H., Peng, C., Liu, J., Wei, X., Fang, X., Liu, S., Zhou, G. & Yu, S. (2011) Evaluating the effects of future climate change and elevated CO2 on the water use efficiency in terrestrial ecosystems of China. Ecological Modelling, 222, 2414-2429. (PDF).

Gu, B., Zhu, Y., Chang, J., Peng, C., Liu, D., Min, Y., Luo, W., Howarth, R.W. & Ge, Y. (2011) The role of technology and policy in mitigating regional nitrogen pollution. Environmental Research Letters, 6, 014011. (PDF)

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