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            Selected Current and On-going Research Projects


  • 2014-2019, Understanding, Quantifying, and Predicting Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Budgets of Forest Soils under a Changing Climate in Canada, NSERC Discovery grant (PI) )


  • 2011-2020. Ecological Forecasting and Global Change Network, China National 1000 Talents Program. (PI) )


  • 2015-2017. Mapping and modeling attributes of an arctic – boreal biome shift: Resource management implications by NASA - ABoVE program, (One of 15 Co-applicants: PI: Scott Goetz) )


  • 2014-2017, Mortalité causée par la tordeuse des bourgeons de l’épinette dans la forêt boréale: effet de la mosaïque forestière et du climat, et conséquences pour le bilan de carbone, FQRNT – Projet de recherche en équipe, Québec (One of 3 Co-applicants) )


  • 2012-2016, Collaborative Study on Soil Methane Uptake Detection in Nanling Mountain of China, China International S&T Cooperation Program, (co-PI– Canada side). )


  • 2013-2017. China Key National Basic Research Program (973 Program): Coupled Carbon Cycle Model and Climate Change Feedbacks (Project 2: leader – one of 20 co-applicants) )


  • 2011-2017. “NSERC FONCER” grant: Productivity and Resilience of Forest Ecosystems: Modeling and Managing Complexity, NSERC, Canada (One of 11 co-applicants).)


  • 2009-2014. Understanding and predicting boreal forest growth and yield, timber supply, and carbon budget under a changing climate in Eastern Canada, NSERC (RGPIN) (PI))


  • 2008-2010. “Modelling the Impacts of Thinning on the Structure, Biomass, Carbon Sequestration and Economic Value of Jack Pine Stands”, NSERC Strategic Grant (PI with Tong Zhang at Université Laval)


  • 2008-2010. “Interactive Effects of Climate Change and Forest Fire on Forest Growth, Succession and Carbon Budget of Boreal Forest Ecosystem in Quebec”, FQRNT: Projet de recherché en équipe (PI with Jean-Pierre Blanchet and Yves Bergeron at UQAM)


  •  2008-2012, “ForValueNet – Development of Integrated Forest Management and Wood Manufacturing Decision-Support Systems for a Value-Added Forest Industry”, NSERC Strategic Network Grant, (Project leader, one of 30-co-applicants).


  • 2007-2010, “Canadian Regional Climate Modelling and Diagnostic (CRCMD) Network, CFCAS network grant (Project leader, one of 17 co-applicants)


  • 2005 -2008. “Atmospheric exchange of methane and nitrous oxide with Canadian forest soils”.  Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences (CFCAS), Canada. (co-PI with T. Moore at McGill University)


  • 2005-2008. Assessing the role of freshwater ecosystems in regional carbon balances in southern Québec: An integrative, whole watershed approach to surface waters pCO2 and CO2 flux. Supported by FQRNT, Quebec, Canada (co-PI with Paul A. del Giorgio at UQAM)


  • 2005-2008. “Using tree rings to detect and understand inter-annual variations of the carbon balance of the boreal biome”.   Supported by FQRNT, Quebec, Canada (Co-PI: with F. Berningger at UQAM)


  • 2005-2008. “Dynamics of woody debris in eastern boreal forests: implications for carbon and wildlife management”, Sustainable Forest Management Network, NCE,   Alberta, Canada (one of  7 co-PIs with Jay Malcolm at University of Toronto)


  • 2003-2008. “ Simulating the Impacts of Climate Change and Ecosystem Disturbances on Boreal Forest Ecosystems in Quebec”, Discovery Grants, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Canada (Principal Investigator).


  • 2003-2008. “Modelling the Effects of Climate Change and Ecosystem Disturbances on Forest Growth, and Ecosystem Structure, Function and Sustainability of Boreal Forests in Canada”, Canada Research Chair Program, Ottawa, Canada (Principal Investigator).


Participated Projects since 2000


  • 2002-2007. “Fluxnet-Canada: Understanding the Impacts of Climate Change, Disturbance and Management on Carbon Cycling Processes in Forest and Peatland Ecosystems. Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences (CFCAS) and NSERC, and BIOCAP, Canada. Ontario Station (Co-Principal Investigator)


  • 2003-2005. “Forest Ecosystem Carbon Cycle and Potential Response to Climate Change in Northeast of China ”, Chinese National Science Foundation, China (Principal Investigator)


  •  2002-2004. "Developing a Strategy and Infrastructure for Modeling the Complexity of Biogeochemical Cycles of South Dakota Ecosystems under a Changing Climate and Land Use”, Regents Rushmore Faculty CAREER Research Award, USA. (Principal Investigator)


  • 2001-2004. “Effects of Climate Change on Ontario’s Boreal Forest Ecosystem: Assessment of Impacts and Consequences to Carbon Budgets”, Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences (CFCAS), Canada. (Principal Investigator)


  • 2001-2003. “Quantifying the Impacts of Forest Management Regimes on Carbon Stocks and Fluxes in Eastern Boreal Forests of Canada”, NCE-SFM, Network of Centres of Excellence, University of Alberta, Canada. (Principal Investigator)


  • 2000-2003. " Ecoregion-based Height-Diameter Models for Major Tree Species in Ontario (Principal Investigator)


  • 2001-2003. “Intensive Forest Management Science Partnership: NEBIE Plot network”, Ontario Living Legacy Trust (OLLT), Ontario, Canada (Co-applicant) 


  • 2001-2003. “The Impacts of Land Use on Chinese Soil Carbon Storage”, K.C. Wang Research Foundation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China (Principal Investigator)



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